Members & Non-Members

Videos are loading slowly.

  1. Check your connection. It is best to be on a high-speed connection (ie. Wifi or Lan).
  2. Check your device’s graphic capabilities.
  3. This may be a newly added video and the servers have not fully incorporated the content on every server. (This is rare, but it happens.) Please wait up to 1 day for this issue to self correct.

The video link is broken.

  1. Send the site administrator a message immediately by clicking here.

How often is new content added?

  1. New content for members (VR) is added semi-weekly or weekly at the latest.
  2. Non-member (2D) content is added often at the webmaster’s discretion.

Can I request a video?

  1. Most definitely anyone can request a video, but members will receive preferential treatment.
  2. You can request by video ID or by actress by clicking here.

Members (VR)

Membership Billing

  1. Members will only see “JAVR” after their subscription purchase on their billing statement.
  2. JAV Redlight does not view or retain payment information.
  3. The billing terms are stated at purchase.

I signed up. Why can’t I view any Premium VR content?

  1. Your payment was not correctly processed by credit card or PayPal.
  2. If your payment was processed and your account still doesn’t display any subscription information, contact the admin here.

Where can I cancel my subscription?

  1. Click here to access your account information or you may locate this same page from the main menu bar under the login option called “Account.” You may view and cancel your membership under the “subscriptions” tab.

Why can’t I download anything?

  1. The terms state that no individual or persons may download any content from this site due to legal reasons.

The VR video is loading slowly.

  1.  See the first answer on this page.
  2.  Pause the video and allow it to buffer for less interrupted playback.

How do I change the video quality?

  1. Click the gear icon in the bottom right corner and check the 2160+ option.
  2. Video quality at 2160+ is dependent on the video production group.

Why am I only seeing a black screen when I change the quality to 2160?

  1. You’re not using a compatible VR device. (Your VR device doesn’t support high resolution playback)
  2. Try using a different VR browser (Oculus Browser) as patches can interrupt compatibility.

What VR device can I use and which one works best?

  1. Any VR capable device (including Google Cardboard) will work with this site.
  2. We recommend using the best devices available for maximum enjoyment. Currently GearVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive are the top rated devices.